Exploring the Latest Container Runtime Projects in the CNCF

Episode 115 · April 10th, 2017 · 14 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

On today's episode of The New Stack Makers, TNS Founder Alex Williams sat down with CNCF COO Chris Aniszczyk. Aniszczyk wears many hats, including OCI/Executive Director; and The Linux Foundation's VP of Developer Relations. While at CloudNativeCon/KubeCon EU 2017, we spoke with Aniszczyk about the pros and cons of having both rkt and containerd, two container runtimes, in the CNCF at the same time.

Another topic of discussion was the ever-growing presence of continuous integration and continuous deployment, and how those practices are evolving for the CNCF TOC as it looks toward accepting future projects to the Foundation.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/T9nhGbxtH_0