Dev Or Ops Doesn’t Matter, You Need Observability

Episode 136 · May 22nd, 2017 · 11 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

Every software engineer should be able to answer these questions: What just happened? What’s happening now? What’s about to happen? Charity Majors, the CEO of debugging platform Honeycomb, believes it’s not just something that the operations team needs to know -- everyone needs that level of observability. Building services that manage data intelligently is everyone's task, and to some extent, everyone's problem.

The New Stack Technical Editor Benjamin Ball spoke with Majors for this latest edition of The New Stack Makers, from ServerlessConf Austin 2017. Majors spoke about dispelling the myth of NoOps, and getting down to simple fact that monitoring, testing, and debugging are not isolated behaviors any more. The next-generation wave of DevOps, as she describes it, is not only reducing response time durations, but reducing the number of overall incidents, and improving the way teams maintain and operate software. But it requires attention to the roles people play, and the interaction between people in those roles.

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