At Chef, The Band Will Always Play

Episode 141 · May 30th, 2017 · 19 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

In his keynote last week at ChefConf, CTO Adam Jacob used The Roots, a well-known hip-hop band, to demonstrate how the promise of an experience remains the same, but the development may actually change.

For example, a fan knows they will see The Roots when they go see the band. That never changes. The fan will always get to see The Roots perform. But how The Roots does its acts may change from show to show. The band has to practice to make sure the delivery is just right so their act meets and exceeds the expectations of its fans.

There are similarities to the way Chef thinks about its own technology development and the way the company thinks about best serving the market. That's where Chef CEO Barry Crist comes in and explains Chef's core focus in a world where outcomes matter most.

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