Allstate Navigates a Sea Change in Business Processes with Cloud Foundry

Episode 160 · July 5th, 2017 · 22 mins 23 secs

About this Episode

There was a time when business processes were presumed to be the bedrock foundation of a company — when what one did and how it went about doing it, was thought to define the nature of that company for decades hence.  But as Opal Perry, Allstate’s vice president for technology and strategic ventures, told The New Stack’s Alex Williams, competition in today’s business centers around servicing customers.  And those customers’ changing expectations — changed all too often by competitors — form the foundations of modern businesses.  So it’s critical that those foundations be flexible and even malleable.

As the intellectual shift proceeds, how does an institution founded in 1931 continue to institute the tremendous changes ahead for its business processes, while simultaneously reinforcing its image of providing “steady hands” for the customers facing sudden changes in their lives?  Listen now to 'Allstate Navigates a Sea Change in Business Processes', part of The New Stack Makers from the last Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara.

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