How Equinix Is Architecting The Digital Edge

Episode 163 · July 10th, 2017 · 15 mins 56 secs

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Up to this point, we haven’t talked a lot about Equinix here in The New Stack. From a data center operator’s perspective, that’s a bit like discussing the solar system but avoiding mention of Jupiter. For a great many IT professionals, Equinix is a daily subject of consideration, a fact of their lives, like electricity and coffee.

“Equinix was a company that was historically peer-to-peer networking,” explained Equinix’ director of global solutions marketing, Lauren Cooney, in an interview with Alex Williams for The New Stack Makers, “where data centers would be the place where all the traffic would come. And they would exchange capacity, and things along those lines.

Hear more about how Equinix is assembling its softer, more abstract, data center connection strategy in How Equinix is Architecting the Digital Edge, part of The New Stack Makers recorded at the last Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara.

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