SAP: Microservices Drove The Need For Cloud Foundry

Episode 165 · July 12th, 2017 · 29 mins 8 secs

About this Episode

An effort has been under way at SAP to investigate one open source platform — Cloud Foundry — well before its official stance on open source technology was famously reversed.  As Bernd Krannich, the technical lead for SAP’s cloud platform, told The New Stack’s Alex Williams, his colleagues began investigating Cloud Foundry as early as 2011.  According to Krannich, it was VMware, which gave birth to Cloud Foundry, that started the process that brought SAP into the open source fold.

What tipped the scales for SAP actually embracing Cloud Foundry, was its customers’ need, and its own departments’ need, for enabling microservices architecture.  Krannich told us that, as SAP customers more accurately define for themselves the services they want users to be able to consume, those services evolve into microservices.  SaaS applications are then built atop that layer, perhaps on Cloud Foundry, perhaps on SAP’s own PaaS.

Listen now to SAP: Microservices Drove the Need for Cloud Foundry, the latest edition of The New Stack Makers from the Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara.

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