Adopting An ‘Inner Source’ Culture Within Organizations

Episode 170 · July 20th, 2017 · 23 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

There’s an unstated implication of the whole ethic of open source software: it’s intended to be shared by a broader community.  Not all software an organization may utilize, should be shared outside its own boundaries — physical or virtual.  But does the existence of protections and safeguards for proprietary services necessarily remove any opportunity there may be for applying some kind of development community ethic, simply among those to whom this protected software does apply?

Capital One’s approach to this question has been to develop its own internal application framework — a platform that applies only to its own employees, but which encourages a community building approach from all its teams.  Speaking with The New Stack’s Alex Williams at the last OSCON conference, Capital One senior director of software engineering Kranthi Dandamudi introduced Chassis, its internal application framework designed to promote what the company describes as an “inner source” work ethic.

Learn more about Capital One’s unique approach to instilling its workforce with a special kind of “open-source-ness,” if you will, in this edition of The New Stack Makers from the last OSCON in Austin.

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