Kubernetes 1.7 and Extensibility

Episode 179 · August 24th, 2017 · 40 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

One of the people without whom Kubernetes would not exist, and perhaps the whole notion of orchestration would never have come to fruition, does not believe Kubernetes is truly at the center of the emerging ecosystem. Yes, we call it a “Kubernetes Ecosystem,” but Google’s Tim Hockin explained that he sees the platform as a hub for a greater kind of ecosystem to come.

“Part of what Kubernetes really set out to do at the beginning,” said Hockin, “was to provide the hub of ecosystems, plural. There’s the network ecosystem, the storage ecosystem and the security ecosystem.”

Listen now to 'Kubernetes 1.7 and Extensibility,' part of The New Stack Makers podcast, and learn how the platform’s new extensibility model could enable integration with security policy, using whatever policy model you happen to have on hand.

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