PagerDuty CTO: How Much Should a Re-imagined ‘Ops’ Combine with ‘Dev?’

Episode 184 · September 19th, 2017 · 16 mins 16 secs

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In this interview just before the opening keynote speeches from PagerDuty Summit 2017 at Pier 27 of the Embarcadero in San Francisco, PagerDuty co-founder and CTO Alex Solomon discusses the new roles operators and developers may play in an organization that successfully re-imagines its ops coordination processes.

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  • PagerDuty CTO: How Much of ‘Ops’ Should Be Combined with ‘Dev’? — It’s one thing for an organization to embrace the message or the ideal of a “DevOps culture.” But while all the hugs and handshakes are going on, does the change in processes and workflows extend to the org chart? That’s one question we posed to PagerDuty CTO and co-founder Alex Solomon, just before the start of PagerDuty Summit 2017 in San Francisco a few weeks ago.