Microsoft Builds a BASIC Bridge to Containers with .NET Core 2.0

Episode 192 · October 3rd, 2017 · 43 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

To the multitude of languages supported by a runtime that is internal to Docker, appc, and OCI containers, add Visual Basic, C#, and F#.  Last month, Microsoft re-engineered its open source .NET Core runtime with version 2.0, to easily execute code in any of these three languages — at one time, exclusively associated with the Windows operating system — in any container, on any platform.

“When the .NET Standard 2.0 was being developed. . . I had a .NET 1.0, 15-year-old application that was part of my senior project [in 2000],” explained Scott Hanselman, Microsoft’s principal open source program manager, in a discussion with Scott Fulton for The New Stack Makers.  “It was a tiny virtual machine, and it was going to simulate an abstract virtual machine.  This was the kind of code that you’d write 15 years ago.  It’s not idiomatic 2017 code.  It’s classically old, .NET code.  It is as much a legacy application as it could be.”

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