Defining Ease Of Use On Azure Means Meeting Developers Halfway

Episode 196 · October 11th, 2017 · 18 mins 29 secs

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Microsoft has taken an approach that essentially meets the developer halfway by providing abstractions so tools like Jenkins and Terraform can seamlessly work in hybrid, multi-cloud  environments using third-party tools. It's a mouthful but speaks to the concept of federation and how abstracting operations has become an important philosophy for Microsoft as it works to help developers bridge the gaps that have long been impassable. The intricate operations requirements to glue disparate components has long eluded customers. To close the gap means meeting developers where they are.

In essence, Microsoft is offering a platform for developers to use the tools they know and love instead of rebuilding from scratch, said Arun Chandrasekhar, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Azure, who joined us for a conversation at OpenSource Summit in Los Angeles in September.

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