How Cloud Foundry Helps Developers Embrace Flexibility While Balancing Security

Episode 214 · November 20th, 2017 · 23 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

The intersection of software development, security, and operations can be difficult for some businesses to traverse. Platforms such as Cloud Foundry aim to help organizations bridge the gap, while still focusing on security.

Snyk CEO & Co-Founder Guy Podjarny addressed the announcement of the architectural decisions seen by Cloud Foundry in the Cloud Foundry Container Runtime and Cloud Foundry's continued focus on the BOSH platform in a discussion with TNS Founder Alex Williams on today's episode of The New Stack Makers.

“I think it’s good to embrace some flexibility. At the end of the day if you talk about empowering teams and organisations to choose the right tool for their job, then you want to empower them. Today this decision between the PaaS model and containers is a decision, there’s sort of pros and cons to each. I like the opinionated aspects of the Platform as a Service, because they can still embed controls and constraints onto the system to ensure they’re done right."

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