How Technology And Culture Influence Each Other

Episode 240 · January 22nd, 2018 · 18 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

Do you recall when was the last time your binge-watching was interrupted on Netflix? We all have seen downtime with all services out there, but not Netflix. Considering the scale and scope of Netflix’s engineering operations it’s really incredible how they manage this feat.

Netflix has developed many tools that enables its developers to maintain a very dynamic CD/CI pipeline without interrupting the shows.

Dianne Marsh, Director for Engineering of Engineering Tools team said that her team is responsible for building the tools that the other teams use for deploying their changes to the cloud. It also means that her team is at the pinnacle of solving the developer productivity problem.

Netflix has open sourced many of its tools, including Spinnaker, that’s not only solving its own problems but are also being used by a larger ecosystem of companies trying to solve similar problems.

It’s not just the technology that plays a central role in Netflix’ story, it’s also the culture. Marsh believes that technology influences the culture and culture influences the technology. You are going to either build tools or adopt them. These tools either complement your culture or challenge it.

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