Microsoft Expands Kubernetes Toolset

Episode 243 · January 23rd, 2018 · 17 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

Microsoft’s support of the open source Kubernetes container orchestration tool seems to grow by the day. Direct from Kubecon/CloudNativeCon 2017, recently held in Austin, we spoke with Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Brendan Burns as well as with Gabe Monroy, the Microsoft Azure program lead for containers. We chatted about about the latest tools that have come from Microsoft to enable Kubernetes for a wider array of workloads.

"We from the get go thought of Azure Container Instances as a low level piece of orchestration. Kubernetes is the high level job," said Burns.

One tool, the Virtual Kubelet, allows users to manage serverless containers using Kubernetes, either in Azure Container Instances, or on any other runtime platform. We also discussed the new Open Service Broker for Azure (OSBA), built using the Open Service Broker API, which provides a way to expose backing services to applications. The final new offering discussed is a dashboard and visualization tool, called Kashti, for the recently-launched Brigade pipelines, a language for executing workflows on Kubernetes.

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