HPE OneSphere: A Multi - Cloud Platform With Kubernetes Under The Hood

Episode 248 · February 6th, 2018 · 19 mins 39 secs

About this Episode

HPE OneSphere is a platform built for a time when Kubernetes has established itself as a stable enough technology that makes it capable of serving IT operations and developers in one SaaS deployment.

With Kubernetes under the hood, HPE OneSphere speaks to the new dimensions of IT and developer experiences that share the same environments, have container technologies for packaging and version control to allow for the use of multiple components across different infrastructure.

Portability is the essence of what makes a multi-cloud approach doable. Containers are inhertently portable and can be managed in a SaaS platform such as with HPE OneSphere. Kubernetes makes it possible to run HPE OneSphere as a networked platform to run across clouds services and on-premise infrastructure.

We recently sat down with Bryan Jacquot, Director, Distinguished Technologist, and Chief Design Architect at HPE to tell us more about HPE OnesSphere and the concepts that it upholds. In particular, how it upholds the beliefs that customers are digitally aware and businesses as a result have to be digitally driven in the architectures they establish for application development, deployment and management.

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