Three Use Cases Driving The Adoption Of Functions As A Service

Episode 252 · February 19th, 2018 · 12 mins 40 secs

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Containers got rid of all that duplication of the guest OS. It provided the process level isolation. It’s more lightweight and agile. Serverless or ‘Functions as a Services’ (FaaS) is even more exciting because you're now able to take code functions and run them at the granular level. All of the underlying machinery of having containers being spun up using communities is hidden behind the scene. That’s why ‘FaaS’ is becoming so popular.

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  • 3 Use Cases Driving the Adoption of Functions-as-a-Service — “It’s a real area of interest not just from solution providers like us who are building solutions in the space,” said Sirish Raghuram, co-founder and CEO of Platform9. “People are interested in using functions as a service as a way to develop applications faster and get all the benefits of cloud-native without as much complexity in the plumbing.”