Dotmesh: Capturing State in Application Development and Testing Across Multiple Microservices

Episode 260 · March 7th, 2018 · 41 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

Dotmesh gives the capability to capture the stateful parts of your application during development and testing, said CEO and Founder Luke Marsden in this episode of The New Stack Makers. By saving the state, Dot-mesh is positioning itself as a platform to do more tests earlier and decreasing the number of bugs in production.

A developer will use version control for code, Marsden said. The same idea can be be applied to capture data and development states across multiple microservices. The model can be applied in different use cases such as detecting security vulnerabilities by monitoring the state of behavior across multiple data stores on different microservices. The idea is to enhance developer collaboration, continuous integration and better documentation through snapshots of development states earlier in the process.

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