Container Storage Environments in OpenEBS for Kubernetes and Microservices Deployments

Episode 268 · April 2nd, 2018 · 27 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

Tracing, logging, monitoring are all getting re-invented with the advent of container-native environments, said Evan Powell on this episode of The New Stack Makers. The force of re-invention is also running through the storage and management layers with new thinking about the concept of container storage.

Powell is CEO of MayaData, formerly CloudByte. MayaData is behind OpenEBS, an open source container storage environment that allows every workload and storage team to have its own controller. The company has about 75 engineers, mostly out of Bangalore, India. MayaData has a similar strategy to companies like MongoDB, which fostered an open source project and with that as its base built a commercial SaaS platform.

MayaOnline is a free platform that gives developers a view into their OpenEBS or Kubernetes stateful workload environments. MayaOnline gives developers views into how systems are behaving. For Maya, the service can see the clickstreams, giving a view into how developers are using the service. A SaaS platform to manage OpenEBS is in development.

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