Univa's Project Tortuga and the Intersections of Kubernetes and HPC Workloads

Episode 271 · April 9th, 2018 · 17 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

Rob Lalonde is vice president and general manager for Navops at the Univa Corporation. Rob and TNS Founder Alex Williams had a conversation at the Open Source Leadership conference in Sonoma, Ca. We talked quite a bit about Project Tortuga, which Susan Hall, writing for The New Stack, explained this way:

It’s a general-purpose cluster and cloud-management framework with applications including high-performance computing (HPC), Big Data frameworks, Kubernetes and scale-out machine learning/deep learning environments.

Univa is an established company in the high computing performance (HPC) space. Navops is a connector of sorts to the HPC world. The connections are forming with cloud services and the story about how Kubernetes fits with scaled out architectures managing HPC workloads.

Tortuga is a general purpose cluster-and cloud-management framework that automates the deployment of clusters in local on-premise, cloud and hybrid-cloud configurations through repeatable templates.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9QCBE99PGRM

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