How AWS Uses Chef In A Post-Container World

Episode 294 · May 29th, 2018 · 30 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

You're likely running some form of server on AWS right now, somewhere in the world. If so, you're also entrusting your systems to the reliability and stability of the folks at Amazon: that they've thought through their devops practices and have your back when it comes to scaling, outages, and backup. And you'd be correct to place your trust there: Amazon's AWS track record only gets better every year as billions of applications successfully complete their business goals within its confines.

But just how does Amazon maintain such a spectacularly science-fiction sized hardware and software hosting system? The answer is not only devops, it's also Chef. At Chefconf this past week, we sat down with Jonathan Weiss, senior software development manager and Mark Rambow, software development manager, both from Amazon's AWS team. We traced the lines of control and practice inside their company to find just what it is that allows them to not only operate at scale, but to allow everyone else in the world to operate at scale as well.

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