The State Of Building Images On Kubernetes

Episode 310 · June 28th, 2018 · 24 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

At KubeCon in Copenhagen in May, many talks focused on the work required to build continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines using containers. One of the major issue still remaining in the container world is specifically that last bit of the CI/CD pipeline: building, storing, and securing containers built for internal software projects.

Steve Speicher, principal product manager on the Red Hat OpenShift Team, spent a good deal of time at KubeCon looking into the solutions and remaining pain points that exist around dynamically building and managing containers within a more traditional agile development environment. "A lot of people want to leverage Kubernetes for the build in the pipeline itself, and so that's one of the things we're talking about here and learning more about what people are interested in to leverage the platform to do more CI/CD," said Speicher.

Ben Parees, Principal Engineer at Red Hat, "You have people who have build CI/CD farms and infrastructure and then their deployment platform. With Kubernetes and OpenShift you have the opportunity to put that all in one, so your cluster is both your build platform, your test platform, and your deployment platform. It's easy to scale up multiple instances, to test them, run your builds there," said Parees.

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