At Scale Delivery and Deployment with Kenzan CTO Jon Stockdill

Episode 313 · July 6th, 2018 · 32 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

There is a big difference between agile development and continuous delivery and deployment, but you probably can't get to the latter without having implemented the former. At the end of the day, every company wants to ship better code more often, in order to innovate in its market, but actually turning your software development and IT teams into lean mean feature shipping machines isn't as easy as taking a straight road to a clear goal ahead.

Instead, the road to success is paved with DevOps tools, agile processes and best practices. One of those tools is Spinnaker, the open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery tool that originated at Google. Jon Stockdill, CTO and co-founder of Kenzan uses Spinnaker in his DevOps consulting engagements with clients. He said it's the best CI/CD solution out there, at the moment.

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