Red Hat's Chief Architect of Cloud Development Talks Traffic Management

Episode 324 · July 30th, 2018 · 17 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

Christian Posta  is the Chief Architect for Cloud Development at Red Hat, and we caught up with him at OSCON to chat about the next big problem Kubernetes adopters will face once they've gotten their systems containerized. That problem is traffic management, and the Istio Project, which should hit version 1.0 before the end of August, is the planned system for handling it all.

Posta lays out the problem and how Istio solves it; "The context of traffic management is really more about doing deployments and reducing the risk of bringing code changes to production. I've worked for big banks, I've worked for big companies where we would release code once a quarter. Every three months we'd have everyone come in Friday night, stay until Sunday night and do a big bang release of everything.We would take a new version of the code, push it to production, and it would be live," said Posta.