How Distributed Teams are Like Microservices: Jim Rose of CircleCI Weighs In

Episode 326 · August 1st, 2018 · 31 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

Jim Rose, CEO of CircleCI joins TC Currie to talk about maintaining corporate culture in a distributed environment. Having over 140 team members in twenty-seven locations across twelve countries brings more than the usual problems in hiring and retaining talented employees.

Their goal, said Rose, is to “make sure that every employee regardless of where they are feels connected and included and sort of dialed into everything that the company is trying to accomplish at any given time.”

They have two sets of tools, he said. One layer is the digital tools to make communication possible across multiple channel options: email. Slack, Zoom and GitHub primary among them. The second layer is a set of processes and rituals so that each organization in the company stays connected and is able to broadcast what they're currently working on, the challenges that they're facing, the the gains that they're making and the progress that we're seeing in the market.