Culture Bias in AI with Camille Eddy

Episode 329 · August 7th, 2018 · 18 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

Advertising and white papers may make AI seem like a pie in the sky proposition, with easy analysis, deep insights, and fair algorithms available everywhere. The reality, however, is that AI can expose an even darker side of our own humanity, acting as more of a mirror than as sky-pie. We saw this when Microsoft put an AI driven bot up on Twitter, only to have it spout racist statements shortly there-after.

Camille Eddy, currently a student pursuing a mechanical engineering bachelors degree at Boise State, already has a long career as a high-tech robotics intern at places like Alphabet and HP. She's currently interning at nVidia, in fact, when she's not out on the speaking circuit. We caught up with Camille for a livestream at OSCON, where she presented a session on the topic of recognizing cultural bias in AI.

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