GitHub's Nathan Stocks on All Things Rust

Episode 332 · August 13th, 2018 · 21 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

Rust has been growing and becoming a more commonly used tool in systems infrastructure. On this episode of The New Stack Makers recorded live at OSCON, we caught up with Nathan Stocks, Engineering Manager for Git Infrastructure at GitHub. He told us just why GitHub has been using Rust to help run its Git infrastructure. He's a big fan of the language, and while GitHub uses it for some projects, he was quick to point out that he can only describe how he uses the language, not how GitHub treats it as a formal tool.

"Rust was a personal project by a Mozilla employee. Mozilla picked it up as an official sponsor in 2009, in May 2015, Rust 1.0 arrived. Rust is a really young systems language," said Stocks. "i do teach Rust. I love Rust. I think it's the future. As a systems language it's competing with C and C++, so we're looking at low level languages, compiled, statically typed. Rust gives you a whole bunch of new, modern features, and makes it so that systems programmers can have nice things too."

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