Talking Up Kubernetes 1.12 with Present and Former Release Managers Tim Pepper and Josh Berkus

Episode 341 · September 4th, 2018 · 13 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

Kubernetes remains on track to offer some exciting new themes with the upcoming release of 1.12, while the team-backed process making it all happen continues to evolve as well.

Before Tim Pepper, of the Open Source Technology Center at VMware,  began to lead the effort for the launch of 1.12 scheduled for the end of month, he already had a very solid and hands-on understanding of Kubernetes’ development process in a very hands-on way. Much of what he learned was as a shadow release manager for Josh Berkus, Project Atomic Community lead at Red Hat, who lead the 1.11’s release efforts. Both Pepper and Berkus were on hand at OSCON 2018 for a live interview with TNS founder and editor-in-chief Alex Williams.

“The Kubernetes community does a really good job of grooming their contributors, as well as mentoring and training them,” Pepper said. “Specific to the release team, there's actually a process.”