The Keynotes from New Relic: Modern Visibility with Distributed Tracing

Episode 344 · September 11th, 2018 · 30 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

On this episode of The New Stack Makers, TNS founder and editor-in-chief Alex Williams was on-site at the New Relic offices in Portland, Oregon for a preview of the FutureStack 2018 conference keynotes and learn more about New Relic's approach to distributed tracing from New Relic SVP of Product Management, Aaron Johnson.

Launching the conversation, Williams dove into New Relic's takeaways from FutureStack: "We can start with our focus on modern. We define modern as: Cloud, containers, microservices, serverless, and DevOps," said Johnson. Highlighting the 'lightning rod' that containers have become, Johnson explained that the creation and option of DevOps combined to create a 'seismic event' when brought together, leading to many companies that were not previously focused on software becoming software companies first, transforming their businesses with these technologies.

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