Jennifer Tejada, CEO At PagerDuty: DevOps Success Relies On Teams, Empathy And Inclusion

Episode 347 · September 17th, 2018 · 22 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty dropped by the TNS podcast booth to talk about teams with Alex Williams and TC Currie  at the PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco earlier this week.  The theme of the Summit is Ops and Opportunity and Tejada used her keynote to speak about the importance of being team-centric, and trust.  But how do you get there?

When I think about teams and real-time operations, it can often be a mess, said Williams.

“There is often chaos before there is order,” she acknowledged, smiling.  The way we’re working is changing.  The workforce is distributed and need to collaborate and work well together because minutes and seconds count.

Real-time operations is about technology, she said,  but it’s more about helping people get the most out of the time and investment and tools they have to get the best outcome for their customers and their businesses.

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