Steve Hazel of Sauce Labs Says Pipeline Automation is Key for Competitive Advantage

Episode 357 · October 3rd, 2018 · 24 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

With the move from waterfall to agile to continuous delivery, software testing has undergone several necessary transformations, the most important of which is testing automation. For this episode of The New Stack Makers, Steve Hazel, Co-Founder and Principal Architect at Sauce Labs joins TC Currie to talk about the move to automated testing, which Sauce Labs has been at the forefront.

The best advice Hazel has is to aggressively invest in automating your deployment pipeline from start to finish. Watching their customers over the last ten years, he’s seen that companies who have completely automated their pipeline, start to finish, are going much faster than their competitors.

“You should have push button deployment, from ‘I wrote that code on my laptop’ to that code goes into production, fully tested, if there’s a problem detected in production, it gets rolled back, making that 100% automatic, including how you spin up the infrastructure that’s going to run it, absolutely everything.”You just see how much faster origination are moving who are at 100% over the companies that are at 40% or 60% automated. It’s huge.”