SignalFx Co-Founder and CTO on The Radical Performance Leaps Microservices Must Make

Episode 358 · October 5th, 2018 · 25 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

Monitoring today’s highly distributed and often immensely complex and decentralized environments requires unprecedented capabilities and reach.

Speaking with Alex Williams, founder and editor in chief of The New Stack during the recently held PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco, SignalFx co-founder and CEO Karthik Rau and the CTO Arijit Mukherji discussed the new age of monitoring and how it has become a core capability in managing infrastructures.

A core capability of effective monitoring consists of meeting the demands of highly distributed applications. “In a traditional enterprise architecture, you have a monolith and it’s running on a single server. There’s a lot of monitoring that you can do locally to understand if instances fail,” Rau said. “Today’s architectures are more and more distributed — you have VMs, you have containers, you have distributed architectures and distributed databases that might be running on tens or hundreds of nodes. And so what’s happening on one instance is not as interesting as what’s happening across the collection of instances since performance matters across an entire service.”

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