Two Transitions Make ‘Cloud Native DevOps’ a Challenge

Episode 391 · December 5th, 2018 · 27 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

DevOps, as any successful practitioner will tell you, involves deciding which processes in your organization are worth standardizing, and bringing software developers and IT operators together to work to automate them.  When a company is making a strategic effort to shift the infrastructure hosting burden away from IT operations and toward the public cloud, it’s not always clear whether those infrastructural processes are due to be perpetuated or expunged.

“They are two different tracks that are in the midst of converging,” explained Naggi Asmar, vice president of engineering at customer experience platform provider Medallia, where the DevOps journey and the cloud journey are happening in parallel.

“We were down the path using not necessarily cloud-native solutions for our DevOps.  Then a recent transition is for us to move to a more cloud-native infrastructure and development model.  So we still are in the middle of that transition.”