How Raygun Co-Founder and CEO Spun Gold Out of Monitoring Agony

Episode 416 · January 25th, 2019 · 36 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

One of the first things John-Daniel Trask, co-founder and CEO at Raygun, noticed when he began to develop software was how painstaking it was to figure out what was wrong with the code. Initial error alerts, he created, were done by email. Much came down to just trial and error.

“One of the things that we were doing a lot of the time when we were building software was always focusing on how we understood what went wrong and giving ourselves diagnostics,” Trask said during a podcast, hosted by The New Stack correspondents B. Cameron Gain and Simon Bisson.

In 2012, after building an SaaS product for crash reporting, “it turned out that a lot people sort of saw the value in that as well,” Trask said. “And so, we’ve really been surfing that wave since.” After launch in 2013, “we’ve ended up with thousands of customers using the crash reporting product,” Trask said.