Cloud Foundry's CTO on What Partnerships Mean Today for Open Source

Episode 449 · April 18th, 2019 · 23 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

“Building bridges” and forging partnerships,” at face value, might seem like marketing speak. But put into context, these  concepts can mean a lot. To wit, during a podcast hosted by The New Stack’s Joab Jackson, managing editor, at the Cloud Foundry Summit North America last week in Philadelphia  Cloud Foundry CTO Chip Childers had a lot to say.  Among other things, he articulated how Cloud Foundry has worked to remove silos and boost collaboration for the development of new cloud-native technologies for the open source community during the past year.

Indeed, Childers explained how the theme of the show is building the future. “That really applies in two ways: it applies, of course, — and I think, we spend a lot of time talking about this — to the contributors that build the Cloud Foundry platform. But it also equally applies to the end users, Because the whole reason why companies like American Airlines or Charles Schwab or Comcast or DICK’S Sporting Goods...are really focused on cloud native platforms,” Childers said.

“They’re really trying to use software as a competitive advantage in the market that’s extremely technology centric now. You know, every markets becomes technology-centric. So, they’re building the futures of their companies using these technologies, using these open source platforms that they can build off of, right? So dual meaning.”