How One of The Netherlands’ Largest Banks Got CI/CD

Episode 465 · June 4th, 2019 · 30 mins 8 secs

About this Episode

Wiebe de Roos, a CI/CD consultant and engineer for ABN Amro, one of The Netherlands largest banks with over 22,000 employees, joined the company when the bank was beginning its shift to CI/CD through its DevOps as well as DevSecOps. The reasons management decided its developer teams needed to make the shift included late deliveries and less-than-stellar innovation on the application front. “The teams were not really mature,” Roos said.

Today, Roos says ABN Amro’s CI/CD processes underpinned by its DevOps and DevSecOps. The result: “Automation and compliance is now rolled out as part of the CI/CD processes to cope with the market changes,” Roos said.  “And now we see a big acceleration, because of course of containers, which are now also being adopted.”

During this edition of The New Stack Makers podcast during the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conference held in Barcelona at the end of May, Roos was joined by ABN Amro’s secure coding and AI team lead Dominik de Smit. They spoke with the host, Alex Williams, founder and editor and chief of The New Stack, about ABN Amro’s CI/CD, DevOps and DevSecOps journey. They also discussed the tools the development teams use, such as those Twistlock provides for containers and cloud native security, and how they have also played an essential role in meeting the real-world development, operational and security challenges they face.

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