Cloud Foundry Sees Challenges Worldwide, Exciting Differences in China

Episode 491 · July 29th, 2019 · 29 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

The Cloud Foundry Foundation may have faced some skepticism at the outset a few years ago, but it has since more lived up to its reputation as a as a principle hub for creating and leveraging open source software on the cloud. In many respects, Cloud Foundry has matured well beyond the initial phases of a startup, and with this maturity comes inherent challenges. Now, more than ever, Cloud Foundry must true to its core mission and to never “break the user,” Abby Kearns, executive director at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, said.

During a podcast from the recently held from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China, Kearns spoke with host Alex Williams, founder and editor in chief of The New Stack, about how the foundation continues to serve the developer open source community and what its missions continues to be. Kearns also revealed some especially interesting observations about China-based developers and their approach to the Cloud Foundry and open source community.

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