GitLab’s Growth — Deep Transparency Makes a Difference

Episode 511 · September 24th, 2019 · 22 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

At GitLab Commit, GitLab's first user conference that took place last week in Brooklyn, GitLab announced that it has received 268M in funding, valuing the company at 2.75B dollars. TNS Founder Alex Williams dove into this announcement and many more with GitLab CEO & co-founder Sid Sijbrandij, asking candidly what the next steps are for GitLab after it received that kind of funding.

"We're going to continue what we were doing. This money will enable us to keep hiring people, and keep hiring people to make GitLab more mature in every single aspect. GitLab is incredibly broad, started with version control and CI, but now we go all the way from planning what you want to do to monitoring the results of that. We want to make sure every part of GitLab becomes as good as the best parts," said Sijbrandij.