How Switzerland's Largest Telecom Met Its At-Scale-Development Goals

Episode 517 · October 8th, 2019 · 23 mins 19 secs

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Three years ago, Lukas Lehmann, head of cloud services, Swisscom described how his organization at that time was largely client-server dependant. In order to achieve its goals as both Switzerland’s largest telecom and as an IT provider, it became apparent that the Swiss firm had to find ways to scale across its entire operations in a way that remained consistent and robust.

In this podcast from Cloud Foundry Summit EU hosted by Hosted by Alex Williams, The New Stack founder and editor-in-chief, Lukas Lehmann, head of cloud services, Swisscom discussed his organization was able to scale to achieve its shift to at-scale application development goals across cloud environments thanks largely to partnership with Cloud Foundry. Stefan Voegele, expert middleware engineer, for insurance provider Swiss Re, was also on hand to discuss how his firm uses Swisscom’s platform as a service (PaaS) in its shift to a cloud environment.

“Helping our customers and ourselves make a digital transformation is key to us,” Lehmann said. “That is why such a platform [as Cloud Foundry’s] and being involved in such an ecosystem is very important for us.”

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