Packet and Sprint on Why Bare Metal is the 'Lowest-Common Denominator'

Episode 552 · December 13th, 2019 · 35 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

In this latest The New Stack Makers podcast recorded live at IFX2019 in Downtown Las Vegas, Zachary Smith, CEO and co-founder of Packet, and Ivo Rook, senior vice president at telephone company Sprint, discussed how bare metal fits into the emerging Internet of Things. The Dec. 4-5 event was Packet’s second annual vendor-neutral infrastructure conference and ran at the same time as AWS Re:Invent.

A metaphor Rook used to describe bare-metal deployments for Sprint, a Packet customer, came from his daughter who had to tell her grade school class what her father did for a living: she said her father was a “machine whisperer.”

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