High-Performance with Eliot Horowitz MongoDB

Episode 556 · December 19th, 2019 · 27 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

It has always been a challenge for organizations with high-volume and complex data-management needs to find the database that offers the best fit. And as enterprises increasingly mix and match on-premises and multicloud environments on stateless cloud native platforms, the performance bar that is required of databases becomes that much higher.

“The goal of application developers these days is to treat everything besides the database as stateless,” Eliot Horowitz, chief technology officer and co-founder of MongoDB, said. For the database provider, this means “the database gets more and more complicated, and the data platform has to get more complicated to be able to handle these this complexity.”

In this The New Stack Makers podcast recorded live at IFX2019 in Las Vegas, Horowitz puts the complexities of today’s database development challenges into context and describes MongoDB’s evolution to keep up with the pace of change as applications become increasingly cloud native-centric and stateless.

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