Will Kubernetes Be the Answer to Edge Computing?

Episode 557 · December 20th, 2019 · 34 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

We have more and more devices connecting and adding strain to the cloud. This leads to latency and wasted bandwidth, not to mention the environmental impact) Edge computing, which tries to close the gap between devices and the internet connection, is a potential solution to reach faster Internet nearby. But does Kubernetes — the container orchestration most everyone is using anyway — have a future on the edge as well?

The New Stack publisher Alex Williams sat down with Steven Wong and Dejan Bosanac at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon North America to talk about just this. Wong is a software engineer on the cloud native business unit at VMware and Bosanac is a senior software engineer at Red Hat. Both are also on the Kubernetes working group that looks to address the limitations of Kubernetes on the edge.

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