How Rutgers University Forges a Path for Diverse Entrepreneurship

Episode 63 · January 22nd, 2017 · 18 mins

About this Episode

At Rutgers University’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED), Professor Lyneir Richardson aims to help minority tech entrepreneurs access resources such as capital, meeting spaces, business advice, instruction on how to apply to a technology accelerator program or a government-funded grant, and seed capital.

Without minority entrepreneurs being able to access these resources, the technology ecosystem and the world as a whole will find itself lacking. “That means important, profitable businesses are not being launched and not growing to scale, and really that means that our world is losing out on innovations that we all want and we all want to promote and encourage,” said Richardson on today’s episode of The New Stack Makers hosted by TNS Associate Podcast Producer Kiran Oliver.

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